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As a woman traveling alone (100,000 + miles) and facing the constant challenges of RV maintenance, creative problem-solving has become a necessity and has fortunately improved as I go along. After losing one step cover to a construction hazard, and having the other step cover wear so much on the outer edge that it rotted off, I thought that there had to be something better; thus, a solution was born - the Travelers Tread RV Step Cover, a Step Above the Ordinary!

Until now, exterior Motor Home step covers were the worst - the grommets rotted and the springs wouldn't hold. When the grommets were okay, I still pinched my fingers on the springs and could never see under the step to know where to make the connections. Then, the edges became frayed and the rubber backing rotted and that caused rusting on the steps. The Travelers Tread does not require any tools, and does not have ties or springs.

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I originally found your RV step cover listed on Good Sam's Facebook page and I was very impressed. Once I ordered it from you and installed it I understood why your step covers are so much better than any thing else I ever had. Thanks for a Great product.
T. Lawson, Houston, TX

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Travelers Tread Step Covers offer you Much More

Last Longer, More Attractive and Easy to Install

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Although the Travelers Tread RV Step Cover has been copied, only the original is made with a better-quality, heavier-duty marine carpet which lasts longer. The copied versions are made of inferior carpet which becomes slippery whether wet or dry and colors are not UV protected or as vibrant. While there are many more negative issues about the copies, we will continue with the positive aspects of the original Travelers Tread RV Step Cover.

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Your step covers are much more attractive than anything we have purchased in the past, and they feel great on my bare feet!!! H. Clifford, Yuma, AZ

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100% Polyester Marine Carpet

Our wrap-around step cover can be hosed off in place and it dries within minutes. Because there isn't any rubber on the minimal backing, the Travelers Tread RV Step Cover will not rot or cause rust.

Good Sam Awarded

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Our motor home step covers are UV-protected making them fade and stain resistant - they will keep looking newer much longer than any other cover.

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They clean up GREAT. We had our step covers on for about a week and a friend spilt a whole cup of HOT tea on it, they cleaned up so good you can't see a stain. Linda B. Gary, IN

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These RV step rugs may remain on the step when traveling (in most cases) and they fit manual and electric steps.

With a little pulling, the RV step carpet is easily wrapped around and attached to the entire step. Because you are able to rotate the cover around the step as needed, the Travelers Tread will not have to be replaced as often as any other RV carpet step cover and should last at least three times longer (under normal conditions, when installed correctly and cared for).

Travelers Tread Customers

About 30% of customers are referrals and about 70% of all sales are made to men. We have a 0% record of returns even though we offer a money-back guarantee.

Did you know that you can avoid tracking in about 80% of the outside dirt just by wiping your feet? The dirt which comes off your shoes will sift through the Travelers Tread RV Step Cover and when it builds up, either sweep and/or hose off either on or off the step.

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I read what you said about helping to keep the dirt out. I didn't believe it. Here is a quick note to let you know I believe you NOW. Emma B. Tampa, FL

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Sometimes it is easier and quicker to use the steps without shoes but many other step cover styles hurt your feet and steps without covers can become very hot. The Travelers Tread RV Step Covers feel almost too wonderful - if your pets could talk, they would tell you about it.

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My pet can't talk but I can, getting in and out of my Fifth Wheel NEVER felt this good. Tommy W. MI

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